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Owner Relations - An Explanation of your oil and gas revenue check

Your Oil and Gas Revenue Check

Samson is dedicated to providing quality service to recipients of revenue and royalty payments for interests in oil and gas sales from Samson-owned properties. Every effort is made to pay you correctly every month in accordance with your agreement, industry practices, and applicable state laws. Click here for a detailed explanation of your check stub.

In order to provide such quality service, we have designed our revenue check stub to be informative and easy to read. To help you understand this essential information which accompanies your check, we are providing a sample check stub with explanations of its components. You may wish to keep this as a permanent part of your records for future reference.

As you know, the oil and gas industry has undergone dramatic changes over the years. Of these changes, new natural gas marketing strategies and the increase in "spot market" gas sales have had the most significant impact on revenue and royalty payments to interest owners. The changes in gas markets and the changes in the flow of revenue from first purchasers have made it increasingly difficult to collect and calculate correct payments for interest owners on a timely basis. Therefore some payments may be made based on the best information currently available but are then adjusted on later checks after additional information is known. If you feel you have not been paid correctly, please give us the opportunity to research the problem for you, explain the situation to you, and make any required adjustments.

Payment Schedule

Your monthly check is usually mailed to you on the 25th day of each month. If the 25th day is on a weekend or a holiday, your check will be mailed on the next regular business day.

Small Payments and Negative Balances

Payments are issued when the distributable amount exceeds $100, unless other arrangements have been made. Adjustments to earlier payments can result in a negative account balance. When this occurs, payments for future sales will be applied to the negative balance until the account returns to a positive balance that exceeds $100. At that time a check will be mailed to you. Additionally, Samson will make annual payments on April 1st on accounts with distributable amounts less than $100.

Change of Address

Please notify us immediately of any change in your mailing address. For your protection, notification of an address change must be made in writing by you or your appointed agent. To ensure that your address is changed correctly, please include your owner number, taxpayer identification number, old address, new address and zip code. Notification of address changes should be mailed to the attention of the Address Clerk at the address shown below.

Income Tax Information

IRS Form 1099, Statement for Recipients of Miscellaneous Income, will be mailed by January 31 of each year to owners receiving oil and gas revenue payments during the preceding year. Please retain your check stubs for your income tax records.


Written inquiries concerning your revenue payments should be made to the following address:

Samson Exploration, LLC
Attn: Owner Relations
PO Box 1709
Tulsa, OK 74101

To ensure accurate and prompt handling, all correspondence should include your owner number and the number assigned to the property in question.

If you would like to speak with us by telephone, please call the toll free number shown on your check stub.

Every effort will be made to either answer your questions immediately or obtain the necessary data for furnishing the answers as soon as possible.

Contact Information

Samson Exploration, LLC
Attn: Owner Relations
P.O. Box 1709
Tulsa, OK 74101

Phone 918.879.0279 or toll free 877.501.3272

Fax 918.878.8398